Friday, August 18, 2006

Always someone with an opinion

BBC NEWS | UK | BB Pete: Exploitation or education?

Anything for a bit of news, ironic that the tourettes people who are campaigning and saying that Petes inclusion in the Big Brother House was detrimental to their cause and yet they're using him to get their message across anyway.

What is it with these institutions and think tanks. Live and let live, why can't we all just get along and 'have it' instead of all the bitching, complaining and whining that goes on.

Anyway I'm off for 2 weeks to Croatia, can't wait, that is if the planes allowed to take off.

Happy blogging!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Well that was quick!

The spammers have landed, so apologies if you want to comment you've gotta register or this'll be innundated with links to various russian pr0n sites and korean virtual gold buying websites.

Not to mention a healthy dose of trojans and keystroke loggers.

My question is how the hell do they find it so quickly! They must have automated robots or something checking these things out and just populate blogs with their random shite.

Anyway hopefully this should cure it.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

George Galloway

Finally someone, ironically old Georgie boy, him of the infamous cat episode on Reality Show Big Brother, slays the media over the age old Israel/Lebanon conflict.

This is a huge topic in itself but this is the sort of thing we need to see.

Personally I think Israel is given way too much credence and leeway, they've occupied Lebanon now for over 20 years this is just another example of the wests lenience to stepping in and taking some serious action.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Kinda sums up this country

BBC NEWS | England | Man threw dead dog at grandmother

Sensationalist headline and yet another sad story of injustice in this society.

'A man who battered his grandmother's pet dog to death before throwing the animal's body at her has been warned he could go to prison.'

Could go to prison?!? This guy should be shot, what has become of this country?

So now its ok to batter an animal to death, chuck it at an elderly family member and walk away because 'I just got really mad'.


Roll on the next government to cock up this country even more.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

You couldn't write this stuff.

BBC NEWS | Education | 'Right and wrong' lessons to end


I mean its not bad enough that theres kids wandering feral around the streets, now they can't even rely on the school to teach them the difference between right or wrong.

Oh and if you read on, the requirement to teach Britains 'cultural heritage' is going also.

This is where you get onto rocky ground. Ilegal immigrants, multi-culturalism, global village all these words bandied around, but all the while undermining the sense of actually being british. Whilst we, as a country, have been willing to embrace a multitude of cultures, races and religion we've become so wrapped up in making 'them' feel at home and bending over backwards to accept all these various customs and cultures, somewhere along the way we've forgotten our own. (and I must stress the use of the word 'them' refers to people who choose to live in this country regardless of race, colour and creed that isn't the argument here)

Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the fact you can walk across London, for example, and experience 101 different cultures, environments and atmospheres. Its what makes London such a vibrant city. But what has happened over the past 20 years that whilst we've been so keen on getting 'on board' the Politically Correct train, we've not ensured that people entering our country or choosing to live in this country understand what this country is all about, who we are as a people etc irrespective of race, colour or creed.

So we get constant stories in the press about 'meeting racial quotas' with regards to postive discrimination, employing X number of black, white, red and green people. We get continual stories about the rise of Eastern European gangs running amok in the major cities. We get schools springing up exclusively teaching specific languages because multi-culturalism has essentially created ghettoes rather than integrated societies.

And meanwhile the ordinary British man on the street, be they white, black, brown or green incidentally, is practically a second class citizen as they get passed over in favour of some guy from some backwater country you've never heard of for a house because he's politically opressed or fears for his life.

Countries such as America and Australia ensure that you know about the country you are emigrating too, hell you have to pass an exam to get in. I'd imagine less than 10% of the immgrants to this country actually know about this country's history or politics.

And now we have the government essentially saying, well thats ok then you can learn about the rest of the world instead, screw learning about Britain its not worth your time.

Why are we so embarassed to celebrate what put the 'Great' into Britain. Sure we had a bloody history full of some quite abhorrent (by this centuries standards) behavour but it was a history and you only learn from history.

I know I'm treading on rocky ground here, but I'm so tired of being told I can't question the 'norm', I can't say this or that, 'ooh you mustn't offend that person he worships goats' or 'you mustn't say that his skin is purple and he'll not like that'.

This also goes hand in hand with this ridiculous society that has emerged where EVERYBODY is afraid to do anything lest they be sued. Everything is always someone elses fault.

This decision by the Government to stop teaching pupils 'right or wrongs' is the ultimate in this behaviour. Parents are going around saying 'well the school will teach my kids right or wrong why should I bother' whilst their kids are going round setting things on fire. Now the Teachers can be happy knowing that 'well I don't need to teach right or wrong now so its not my fault'.

Who is to blame ultimately? The 'blame culture' is responsible for so much wrong in this country its become a farce. Nothing is ever an individuals fault, and yet here we are giving Teachers and Parents the perfect 'out' to deny their kids a decent start in life.

Probably insulted huge swathes of people here but come on, society doesn't change by trying to please everyone, ultimately someone is always unhappy currently its the general tax paying population and that can never be a good thing for a country.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Crawley kids in a tilgate park

Just figured out I can post the videos directly on the site so you don't have to travel away :)

Just to prove that intelligence isn't genetic, heres some local UK children having..umm some fun with a moped and a roundabout.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A little bit of light relief

So I figured I started out my blog rather ranty, hell theres alot to rant about. I'm turning into one of those grumpy old men....anyway!!

To lighten the mood a little just thought I'd pass on my mini-review of Superman Returns, the remake/sequel/whatever of the old Christopher Reeves/DC comics classics from the 80's.

Firstly, genius!! some nice touches on the opening credits they kept the original theme tune!!! So if, like me, you'd seen in when you were younger, you're instantly back there. Hell they even kept Marlon Brando (at least it looked like him) as Kal El's father, the ghostly voice type guy in the ice palace place.

So far so good. I'm not actually sure when its meant to be set, I'm thinking after Superman 3 but before 4 as if 4 never existed, which believe me is a good thing, god that movie sucked!!

The intial scenes are all very familiar, the old Kent farm, a couple of neat flashbacks to get you into the mood for a bit of good old fashioned superheroing. And this is primarily what it is, after the flash and bravado and pyrotechnics of Spiderman and X-Men movies, good old fashioned superheroing.

The baddy is back, Gene Hackmans role taken on quite admirably by Kevin Spacey, in fact I'd go as far to say he excels in this role, theres a certain air of menace about his character which, whilst still very 'comic booky', leaves you wondering if at any moment he's going to flip out and chop peoples heads off...which he does regularly!! :)

Superman himself is superbly played by Brandon Routh, gives his character just the right sort of air, and in fact is very very similar in application to Reeves character of old.

The special effects are what you'd expect, super slick, nothing outstandingly amazing but all very well done.

The overall movie itself is highly entertaining the only downpoint, for me, being the ending which just sets it all up for a sequel. Whilst I'm not against a sequel I just wish at times they had a bit of closure to these movies.

A hugely enjoyable movie, well worth the cash. Its a fun for all the family type movie and whether or not you like comic books it'll appeal to all sexes and ages.

Whilst not as deep as a Peter Parker, or as involved and 'comic book geek' as an XMan movie it hits all the right buttons and I'm looking forward to the next one!

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Consultations, intitiatives...umm anyone tell them about just doing it...

BBC NEWS | Politics | Will action plan man Reid deliver?

So yet more hype and spin from the heartland of politics in sunny london town.

John Reid the new home office man in charge has 'committed' and 'planned' to implement intiatives and action plans.

I found it ironic to note he used the words 'in a few years' rather than committing to any dates.

"rebalancing the criminal justice system in favour of victims and proposals to get a grip on immigration and failed asylum seekers."

Was one of my favourites, I mean how priceless can a comment be. Rebalancing a criminal justice system in favour of the victims. Even Homer Simpson would be struggling to get a 'DOH' out here due to laughing so hard. I mean what morons have we got in government. And we let them get away with it on a daily basis.

I mean come on, he's basically saying that for the past few years the criminal justice system has been in favour of the criminal. Its no wonder theres so much apathy in this country when these morons spout these sort of rhetoric continually and are completely and utterly unaccountable.

Sure they sack a few people, or rather move them around quietly, I see old Blunkett is back in some position, and Mandelson is now in the on earth do they continue to get away with it?!?

John Reid

Anyway back to good old John, there is pictured above grasping the balls of the nation...hard!

"proposals to increase the minimum terms served by dangerous offenders sentenced to life, create 8,000 prison places, hive off the "unfit for purpose" Immigration and Nationality Directorate, re-introduce embarkation controls and introduce uniformed border patrols."

More genius ideas here, especially the introduction of uniformed border controls, I mean didn't we have that already? Obviously not, and they wonder why we have a god awful immigration problem.

I particularly liked this part of the piece,

"Dave Roberts, director of enforcement and removals at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, told MPs he did not have "the faintest idea" how many illegal immigrants were in Britain."

We put these people in power, we elect them, we pay their damn wages and they come out with statements like this and what happens? Well I've so far not seen any 'Dave Roberts Quits' statements.

I used to be in sales a long time ago, I had set targets to meet, if I missed those targets 3 months in a row I was out on my ear, that was that.

These people are playing with our lives, and yet they run free over the land, starting committees and sub commitees and plans and projects that ultimately achieve nothing. Its all hot air and bollocks. This government has now served its purpose and its time to go. The worrying thing is that we'll just get the same thing just a different colour, and on it will go again.

We just need someone, anyone, to step up, grab this great country by the balls and give it a damn good shake. Don't plan and pontificate...DO! Because if we continue down this line of complete dis-engagement from the real man on the street politicians are going to find themselves relics that noone has any interest in, and eventually enough will be enough and there will be riots/civil unrest, and not before time either in my opinion.

Time to stop the rot.

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